Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture/Winter 2010 SBR600

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These tasks related to the Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture were completed by the Winter 2010 SBR600 course:

Task Person Status Wiki Link
Posters and Presentations All Students Completed Winter 2010 SBR600 Posters and Presentations
Koji Hub setup - PostgreSQL master Arlene Daniel and Paul Whalen Completed Koji Database
Koji Hub setup - Koji Hub configuration Paul Whalen Completed Koji Hub
Koji Hub setup - Certificates/security Sadiki Latty Completed Koji Certificates
Koji Builder setup - Shared filesystem David Chisholm and Chris Tyler Completed Koji shared filesystem
Koji Builder setup - Koji Build Daemon David Cabral and Paul Whalen Completed Koji Builders
Performance - iSCSI vs. NFS vs. Local USB disk David Chisholm, Daniel Gilloch Completed Storage Performance
Initial mock tests on ARM Everyone Completed Initial Mock Compilation Tests
Research and create image for F12 on OpenRD-Client Paul Whalen Completed F12 on OpenRD-Client
NFS setup - HongKong to VMs David Chisholm Completed NFS Configuration
Networking with NAT to connect OpenRD Sadiki Latty Completed NAT
Revise mock config and .repo files in release RPM David Cabral , Daniel Gilloch 53% Repos
Build iSCSI-capable kernel for testing on OpenRD Chris Tyler Completed (limited iSCSI functionality) iSCSI
Set up F12 on OpenRD-Client Chris Tyler Completed OpenRD-Client
Set up F12 on SheevaPlug Alex Vlahopoulos Completed SheevaPlug
Posters & Presentation Graphics Mashfique Haque Completed Research Poster
Local F12-ARM mirror David Cabral, David Chisholm, Daniel Gilloch Completed Local mirror of ARM repositories
VM Setup Paul Whalen Completed Set of standing VMs running the ARM image in emulation
Mock configuration Chris Tyler Completed mock configuration repository for ARM
Bootstrap the Koji repo Chris Tyler Completed Repo Bootstrap