Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture/ARM VMs

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ARM emulated VMs permit experimentation with the ARM architecture without using physical ARM hardware.


  • Create a number of libvirt-managed ARM-emulation VMs on hongkong.
  • Configure the VMs to boot when hongkong boots.
  • Configure each with a static address, and place those static addresses in /etc/hosts on hongkong, so that team members can easily ssh to them.

Machine List

  • Place a table here showing the VM names, any details such as memory/disk/etc., the assigned purpose of the VM, IP, and any other relevant info.
  • Initial root password is 'fedoraarm' -- change it and/or add user accounts as needed.
Fedora ARM VMs
VM Name IP Addrsses Names
arm-001-001 Sadiki Latty
arm-001-002 David Chisholm
arm-001-003 Arlene Daniel
arm-001-004 Daniel Gilloch
arm-001-005 Mashfique Haque
arm-001-006 Alex Vlahopoulos
arm-001-007 Paul Whalen
arm-001-008 David Cabral
ct-arm-001-001 Chris Tyler