Fedora Arm Secondary Architecture/Research Posters

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To standardize the SBR600 posters and presentation slides.

Current Guidelines

Poster/Presentation List

Poster Topics

Separate posters will cover the entire Arm Project

Poster Topcis:

  • Koji Certificate Creation
  • Fedora/ARM
  • SheevaPlug Configuration
  • Koji Build System for Fedora ARM
  • Koji Builder
  • DXR Project

Poster Design

Poster design was voted on and this one this one was selected

Final Poster are uploaded here in pptx format here

Things to Consider

Which logos should we use. Possibilities:

  • Logo for Fedora on right hand top corner.
  • Logo for Seneca on Left-hand top corner.
  • Logo for Open Source@Seneca would be nice consideration. But can't find the image.

Some mock posters are posted here.