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Hello everyone... my name is Fima and I'm a CPA student taking the OSD600 course. This is my first try at open source stuff and while it all seems a little new and scary I'm hoping to learn as much as I can and hopefully have some fun on the way.

Contact Information

  • IRC - xrayon
  • Live Messenger - superallan [at]
  • Primary Email - xrayon [at]
  • Learn Email - ekachins [at]

Potential Projects

The following is a list of the Potential Projects I find interesting and might like to participate in:

  • Firefox Session Saver Extension
  • Avoid loading the same page twice Extension
  • Desktop Social Networking Integration
  • Plugin-watcher
  • Tbeachball - Quantifying Mozilla's Responsiveness
  • Convert password storage to a SQLite database
  • Support for OpenID

Selected Project

The project that I selected to work on is the Plugin-watcher. I will be working on this with my partner Brandon; read all about it and find out how you can contribute on the project page.