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About Me

  • Name: Vincent Lam.
  • Program: Bachelor of Software Development.


Open Source Projects

Automated Localization Build Script

Version 0.1
  1. Should be able to accept a localization
  2. Should be able to accept a Firefox build (eg; en-GB or en-US)
  3. Read through every DTD and Properties file in the current directory with the "" file
  4. Changes the word "color" to "colour" in every DTD file and have it saved
Version 0.2.*
  1. Given any directory as a starting point, should walk through all sub-directories and files and make changes based on translation rules
  2. Add ability to update Properties files
  3. Allow user to enter localization folder (eg; en-GB) as input
Version 0.3.*
  1. Fix Key changing problem
  2. Add more words for translation
  3. Create new l10n tree instead of creating .bak file
  • Instruction:
  1. Download 0.3.2 and 0.3.3
  2. Unzip 0.3.2 and Unzip 0.3.3 to overwrite 0.3.2
  3. CMD Command: python en en-CA


Desktop Social Networking Integration

Desktop Social Networking Integration,

  • Research on SQLite Client
  • Found a SQLite Client
  • Setup the client
  • Tested the client
  • Tried to get his code to compile

Full-Text History Search Extension

Full-Text History Search extension

  • Research on how to create an extension
  • Research on CVS Editor
  • Found an free CVS Editor
  • Research on History Search

FSOSS Report

My FSOSS Report


Modifying the Browser Lab - Firefox Patch

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Modifying the Browser Lab - Firefox Extension

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Fixing a bug in Thunderbird - Thunderbird Patch

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Creating a Binary C++ XPCOM Component - XPCOM Folder

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Adding Chrome/UI to the FirstXpcom Component

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IRC Commands

  • /join #channel <join chann>
  • username: ping <get people attention>
  • username: pong
  • /query username <start a private chat>
  • /join #meeting10 <new room>
  • /me <emote>

Useful Link

  1. Zenit Planet
  2. Add-Ons