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Welcome to my personal page!


Tony (Weng Io) Lai

E-mail - Please do not e-mail me here anymore

My Open source blog can be found here at


Add an Infobar style warning for window resize/move:

You can find more information about this project here: Add an Infobar style warning for window resize/move

About Me

I'm a graduate of the program CPAC (Computer Programming and Analysis Co-op)
Specialized in Software Development.
I am currently in the Ryerson IT Management program.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my patches.


01/13/2008 -

  • Time to continue to OSD700!

12/03/2008 -

12/02/2008 -

11/21/2008 -

11/05/2008 -

10/22/2008 - Release 0.1 has been added to the bug 10/08/2008 -

09/29/2008 -

  • Is it really necessary to say this? I guess so. Been slacking off quite a bit on the project, but thats only because other courses have work also. No intention!

09/21/2008 -

  • Updated the projects page. Please refer to links.

09/18/2008 -

  • Contributed to Patrick Lam's project! More information can be found here

09/17/2008 -

  • Compiled Mozilla FireFox 3.1b. The output can be found here or under links

09/14/2008 -

  • Picked Project. More info can be found in the project info page under links.

Lab Blogs

Lab 1: Ubiguity
Lab 2: Building Mozilla Firefox
Lab 3: Patches
Lab 4: Thunderbird Bug
Lab 5: Tabs     Lab 5: Modifying the tree
Lab 6: Extensions
Lab 7: My first xpcom!
Lab 8: xpcom Chrome


My Blog:
Project Information: Adding an Infobar style warning for Window resize/move
Tony Lai's Mozilla Build