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About Thomas Brown


Name: Thomas Brown
IRC Nickname: tjbro
Contact Email:
Hotmail Email:
Program: Bachelor Degree of Software Development (Semester 5)
Hometown: North Bay, Ontario
Birthdate: September 12, 1988


  • Wed Development Certificate from Canadore College
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma from St. Joseph Scollard Hall in North Bay, Ontario.
  • In process: Bachelor of Software Development from Seneca College.
  • Bartending Certificate from Mixmasters School of Mixology

Work Experience

  • ASP.NET development for the Nipissing Parry Sound Student Transportation Services. I built a request management system to handle tickets from drivers and other staff requesting info/fixes/changes in their different systems there.
  • Perl development for internship with Network Connection's C.E.O. Bill Smook.
  • ASP.NET development with CMCI for the release of their long awaited "new" website.
  • Java development with Collective Minds Consulting Inc working on code cleanup and testing.
  • Internet Applications Development for Nipissing Parry Sound Catholic District School Board for a summer programming in the C# language. Later to create the French as a Second Language website for the school board the following summer.


  • Finish BSD
  • Contribute to the Open-Source community
  • Explore Game programming
  • Open a software development business
  • Get heavily involved in Social applications of the Internet.
  • Start a restaurant/bar.


  • Lab: Week 2: share-fb command for Ubiquity. [1]
  • Lab: Week 3: Mozilla Build lab - Thunderbird build output [2]
  • Lab: Week 4: Source code reading, looked up View->Page Source feature
  • Lab: Week 6: Fix addressing bug in Thunderbird patch[3]
  • Lab: Week 8: Add tab beside[4]
  • Lab: Week 9: firstXPCOM [5]
  • Lab: Week 11: adding chrome/UI using XUL [6]

Open Source

  • Add METADATA fields to distinguish which Ubiquity commands are for Firefox and which are for Thunderbird.
  • Fix the social.js doc.getSelection bug


  • (Jason Tarka) - Test 0.3 release (see info and instructions in this blog post[7])
  • (ashughes) - Install Songbird. Install Birdtorrent. Click the Tools menu item. Report the result. [8]