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I am currently studying in semester 8 of BSD program @ Seneca College. I was always hearing about Open Source community but have never done any Open Source projects. I hope this course make me more comfortable with Open Source and the whole concept behind it.

Besides studying, there are lots of other things I do and would like to do in near future. I play flute and enjoy it a lot, a concert is coming up in June which I have a little stress about it but I know it would be so much fun.

I would like to spend my spare time with reading books; I recommend all baby boomers to read “Grown Up Digital” by Don Tapscott.

Playing billiard is another fun thing to do when I am done with my assignments.

My favourite movie is “Tears of the Sun”.



Bug 244862

What I have done so far

Created wiki account

Created my personal page on wiki

Created my blog

Added my blog feed and info to the Open Source@Seneca Planet List

Read Cathedral and Bazaar

Downloaded the development platform

Downloaded the target platform

Reproduced BugID: 173912

Followed the tutorial to install Eclipse PlugIn and Eclipse WTP

Created bugzilla acount

Went through the bugs from the list of WTP bugs

Used CVS Perspective from the Eclipse-PlugIn to check out source code related to the first WTP tutorial

Published the name of bug I wanted to work on

Reproduced my bug

Went through the debugger tutorials

Participated in the presentation by Angel Vera on Servel Tool Architecture and Techniques to find the source code for a bug

Posted a summary of Angel's presentation on my blog

Blogged about reproducing my bug

Did assignment 1 and assignment2

Presented my solutions and problems in class

Participade on presentation done by Lawrence Mandel

Downloaded the latest build 3.1M6

Reproduced my bug agian

Asked my questions on newsgroup

Blogged about solutions

Updated Bugzilla on bug report page about reproducing the bug and possible solutions

Bug 244862 Update

Reproduced Bug 264203 to help Kevin and blogged about it

Link to the bug report:

Link to my blog, reproducing bug with the latest build and solutions post: