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Name: Sherman Fernandes
IRC: sjfern

Assignment 1


  • Created a FAQ guide for VMWare.
  • Created a SVN FAQ guide.
  • Created Favicons for use on the Wiki (based on Dejan Tolj's Wiki logo). These favicons were created to further capture and accentuate the collaborative spirit between Seneca College and Mozilla Corporation. They can be viewed by clicking the following links: Favicon.png,Favicon2.pngand Favicon3.png.
  • Video Timing - Documented the video and slide show synchronization for J. Paul Reed's guest lecture entitled "How the Build Works" on Sept. 20 2006. The timing document for this lecture can be viewed here. This and other lecture videos, audio, slide shows and screen casts can be accessed by clicking here.
  • XUL Runner Guide - Helped the XUL Runner Guide team to compile, proofread and edit their documentation and convert to PDF.

In-class contributions

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all CSS contributors for their efforts and contributions to the project. Also, many thanks to all who contributed in helping both the VMWare and SVN FAQ's evolve and expand further.

Mozilla Technologies Excercise


Newsgroup Summaries

The following is list of additional CSS tags done by Dean Woodside and myself for newsgroup consideration in lieu of inactivity on the newsgroups:


Throughout the course , I have been exposed to various tools (like IRC, bugzilla, Wiki's etc.) that I had never used prior to taking the course. So in that sense it has really helped me understand the culture of large projects specifically open source ones a lot better. The course helped to dispell several myths and misunderstandings about open source and allowed me to gain more insight into this realm of software development. Furthermore, I can better (and more fully) relate to and appreciate the open source philosophy about collaboration, sharing of knowledge and community.