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Xia Jun Shi
Occupation CPA Student
Expected Graduation Dec 2009

About Me

Name: Shelley Shi
Program: Computer Programming and Analysis(CPA - 5 Semester)
Little about me: Hello! My name is Shelley Shi. Welcome to my Wiki web page.



Installing Tools


  • Figured out the packages, classes and methods related to the bug
  • Figured out that what we should do to fix the bug (set the arguments on the box) by posting the question on the newsgroup
  • Provided the possible solutions of the bug
  • Made closed changes in the related source code
  • Made the Tests of the bug and posted my tests on the Bugzilla
  • Made some comments on the blogs of my classmates to encourage with each other


  • Jordan Anastasiade


  • Release 0.1

1. WTP - Bug 240698 Normal - P3
Reproduce Bug 240698 and blog on
2. WTP - Bug 137822 Normal - P3
Reproduce Bug 137822 and blog on

  • Release 0.2

1. Checked out the related packages
2. Figured out the differences by using "Open Configurations Links" and "Run->Run Configurations->New"

  • Release 0.3

1. Provided the possible solutions of the bug
2. Posted my possible solutions and stack trace on the Bugzilla
3. Made some changes in the related class and got the arguments in wrong way
4. Made the Tests of the bug according to Le's solution and posted them on the Bugzilla

  • Release 0.4

1. WTP - Bug 244862 Normal - P3
Reproduce Bug 240698 and catch several stack traces in different scenarios
Bog on Stack Traces for Bug 244862 - WTP


  • Week1

Created the wiki web account
Got used with wiki
Added the name link in the Winter 2009 Opened Source Students and People List in the Wiki page

  • Week2

Created the account on
Downloaded the WTP and Plug-infrom eclipse web site Got the platform ready

  • Week3

Created an account in the Eclipse Bugzilla

  • Week4

Select WTP - Bug Bug 240698
Reproduce the Bug 240698
Blog the produce on the my blog (Bug 240698 - Reproduced)
Change to another WTP - Bug Bug 137822
Reproduce the Bug 137822
Blog it on the my blog (Bug 137822 - Reproduced)

  • Week5

Took my first look at all the packages from CVS
Figured out the related packages Checked out some related Packages:


Set some breakpoints on the class Server, and began to debug the code
Took my first try and got some possible code related to throw the exception

  • Week7

Posted my first question on the eclipse newsgroup
Got the feedback form Larry Isaacs on the newsgroup
Figured out why the bug happens and what should do to fix it from Larry Isaacs's answer -- important milestone

  • Week8

Reproduced the bug and emphasized the differences by using "Open Configuration Links" and "Run-Run Configurations->New"
Blog my new findings on the blog (More information about the bug 137822)

  • Week9

Got two stack traces for exception and regular way to get the execution path
Posted them on the my blog(WTP-bug 137822 Get the execution path)

  • Week10

Provided some possible solutions
Posted my solutions on the Bugzilla and tried to get the help from IBM
Jordan suggeted all the students to focus on the web server bugs

  • Week11

Posted my questions on the newgroups and got the help from Larry Isaacs again
Made some code changes in the org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.ServerLaunchConfigurationTab

}catch(Exception ex){}

Posted some possible code changes on my blog (A little progress - bug 137822)
-- Collaborative Work is working --
Displayed my bug to Le, explained what I did and what we should do to fix the bug, invited him to join me
After one day, recieved the email from Le who told me the bug is fixed and the solution is posed on Le's blog (Possible Fix - Bug 137822 - Part I)
Made the test on the platform and double checked that Le's solution works fine
Posted the test result on the Bugzilla according to the suggestion of Jordan and Peter
Provided some findings about the server and blog them on my blog (Bug 137822 is fixed :) ) according to Peter Liu's suggestion

  • Week12

Summarized my findings and post them on my blog(How does “Run as->Run configurations” work)
Reproduced the bug 244862
Catch several stack traces for bug 244862 and blog them on Stack Traces for Bug 244862 - WTP