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About Me

Hi, I'm Philip Vitorino (philly in IRC). I am currently a fourth year student of the Bachelor's of Software Development (BSD) Program at Seneca College.

Email: pcvitori at


OS X Keychain Integration (Project Lead)
Simple Citation (Project Lead)
Mozilla Seneca Wiki Administration (Project Contributor)
Distcc With MSVC (Project Contributor)
Generalization_of_Joga_extension (Project Contributor)


My Contributions
Bug# 359418
  • Created the basic SVN tutorial
  • Created the IRSSI Tutorial with Moe
Wiki_Template - Began creating a new template for the wiki. That didnt work out too well. The wiki was then reset.
Club Moz


Assignment 1
Mozilla Technology Summary - XPConnect
Newsgroup Summary
LXR Exercise: View Image
Philip Vitorino perf comments

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