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Random Info: I am a nerd, and this is my email:

Obsessions: Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu systems). I spend far too much of my time scripting things. Just because it's Linux doesn't mean it has to look ugly (building the coolest desktop).

Current Computer Interests: The Gnome shell, creating custom ISO images, software RAID on Ubuntu, testing new Linux applications, and scripting (hopefully working) network configurations using minimal installations. I am still looking for the perfect media center for Linux (so I can learn to hack it). I am a fourth semester CTY student who plans to graduate as CNS and switch to the CPD program for a double diploma.

1. Learning perl and python (obtainable)
2. A lifetime supply of current hardware (remotely possible)
3. Open-source-Windows (not likely)

Historical Facts: I have lived in: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. I have had the opportunity to see almost all of the places accessible by road in: the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, BC and AB. I have also travelled to many places in: Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Currently exploring the GTA!!!

Things I Did When I Used to Have a Life: Hiking, photography, cooking, travelling, and adding to my massive CD collection.

Dislikes: ):}> Outdated web pages, spam, broken hyper-links, Facebook and sushi. <{:(

Likes: 0:) Chocolate, coffee, and gigabit ethernet connections. (:0

Question of the Day: Yeah, so where's the documentation for it? :p...