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My name is Joshua Doodnauth, and I am currently in the seventh semester BSD program at Seneca College


Name: Joshua Doodnauth

    • Currently in 3rd Year Bachelor of Software Development Program at Seneca@York

Email: jsdoodna _at learn _dot senecac _dot on _dot ca


XUL Application Packaging


Ubiquity Command

My Ubiquity Command

Building Firefox

System: AMD Athlon64 3700+ @2.2GHz; 3.25GB RAM; 1.5TB Hard Drive

OS: WindowsXP Media Center SP2

Software: Visual Studio 2008

Step followed in Firefox Build Instructions:

1. Downloaded and installed the Microsoft Windows Vista SDK

2. Downloaded and install the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK

3. Downloaded and executed MozillaBuild 1.3 package

4. Executed 'start-msvc9.bat' (since I have Visual Studio 2008)

5. "Clone" the repository using:

hg clone src
cd src

This took me about 15-20 minutes, because it has to download a lot of files

6. Generated a .mozconfig file (I did it in vi):

. $topsrc/browser/config/mozconfig
mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=@TOPSRCDIR@/ff-opt
ac_add_options --disable-tests

7. To build use the command:

make -f build

IT DIDN'T WORK! I received an error about 1 minute in, telling me 'System header oleacc.idl is not available", luckly it gave me a link to a website with the solution. Basically its a bug in the Windows Vista version of the Microsoft platform SDK, which forgot to include the file. The file is for accessibility, and the fix was to use a different SDK, or disable it by adding a command to the .mozconfig file

ac_add_options --disable-accessibility

8. Ran the build command again...It worked!

9. Took 35 minutes to build

10. To run I used the command:

ff-opt/dist/bin/firefox -no-remote -profilemanage

BOOM Its up and running!

Jsdoodna minefield.JPG

Bugs being watched

1. Bug 299989 - XULRunner installer stubs for windows
2. Bug 456174 - Ship mozilla applications as xulrunner xpi

I am currently watching Mark Finkle on Bugzilla

October 6, 2008
After about a week of watch Mark Finkle and the other two bug on XULRunner, I have over 100 emails from Bugzilla! This is crazy! I'm taking Mark off my watch list, so that I can at least get information on the bugs I'm interested in. Logically it doesn't make sense to look into the emails of the people being watched because it'll take all day to go through the constant stream of mail, rather just skimming the headers to see if they are of interest.

First XPCOM Component

  • Not too difficult, the only problem I had was that in the install.rdf file the 'maxVersion' was set to 3.1a1pre, so Minefield didn't accept the Add-on, so I just changed it to 3.2a1pre

Jsdoodna Firstxpcom.JPG
Download my .xpi here: