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About Me

Harjinder Virdi born on June 8th, 1989 is a creative, lazy, addict, software and web developer, who loves to code and design applications and websites. He can even boast that he's been working with computers since the age of 6!. Among his favorite technologies are C++, JAVA, PHP and .NET, although he hated C++ but has grown to loves it. Harjinder is currently studying at Seneca College, enrolled in Computer Programming and Analysis. He is now heading into his third and final year, after completing a co-op work term at TD Bank Financial Group as an IT Analyst.His role as an IT Analyst centered around designing and coding applications in .NET.


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Bespin Bug# 509492 - Double Click Text Highlighting
Bespin Bug# 557135 - Add indent/unindent functionality
Processing.JS IDE
Bespin: Word Wrap

Contact Me

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Skype: Harjinder.Virdi
IRC: Harjinder