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Contact Info

Name: Joseph Cresencia
Email: jcresenc [at]

About Me

I'm technically finished with my CPAC program (I have all the requirements). I am just taking two courses to have two specializations (due to the requirements). I plan to have both Software Development and Game Programming.

I have been using computers since kindergarten back with an old 286 computer. Due to the cost of "upgrading" (my computer was slow), I made my own games using original BASIC. So I was a game developer at an early age.

I am also a web developer and a web designer. I use WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I also like C#/ASP to a degree.

I am also an artist. One decision before going to Seneca was to go for Animation Arts or Computer Programming. I went for the cheaper of the two. Combining both arts and computer for 3D Animation/3D Gaming would of combined the cost ~_~.

Open Source

I am not deep into Open Source like saying this is THE way to go. I use whatever is the best for me. Most of them just so happen to be Open Source. Like for example, I use Firefox all the time (using the latest v3 Beta) but I rarely touch Linux.

I have touched on Firefox as I know of the working of the XUL, JS, CSS and XHTML stuff. I did the modifications of Firefox in the Computing Commons (SEQ) to disable certain features like bookmarking and such. It is not "high tech" (in fact more of a hack) as anyone with knowledge of Firefox would be able to get around most of it. Anyway, really you should be using Portable Firefox on the labs.


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