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About Me

My name is Irina (it's a popular Russian name), I'm a BSD student, 5th semester.


Mozilla Build Lab

Thunderbird Bug Fix Lab


felis java felis


Bugzilla Unit Tests Using Test::More



(Patrick Lam) - Provide your build time from scratch and rebuilt of FireFox. -- provided

(Jason Tarka) - Details, screenshots, or HTML, of different web authentication pages -- did the first attempt to help with that by email... Will see if Jason finds it useful. -- so far I did understand him wrong. I'll re-check what I can do here. (cannot be considered a contribution, that's what I mean)

(Non-Seneca Contrib) - javascript validation contrib - pending the review by the author. Will update as soon as I get comments

(Tony Lai) - Thanks to Les Czegel for my JavaScript knowledge, recalled a function name ;)