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Contact Information

Name Ehren Metcalfe
Email egmetcalfe [AT] learn [DOT] senecac [DOT] on [DOT] ca
Email2 ehren.m [AT] gmail [DOT] com
IRC ehren
BLOG Ehren's Blog

About Me

I'm a 5th Semester BSD student taking DPS909. I do a little bit of contract web development (mostly design) and also tutor at the Learning Centre.

DPS909 Project

GCC alwayszero function attribute

DPS911 Project

Dead Code

Contributions to other projects

Remove ^L characters from comm-central source

Building Firefox with GCC 4.5:

GCC: Bug rtl-optimization/42139 Compiling firefox trunk with 4.5 fails with 'out of memory allocating 4072 bytes after a total of xxx bytes'

GCC: Link Error Building Mozilla with 4.5

Mozilla: Bug 531094 Inline method crashes GCC 4.5

Editing in progress right now

Labs/Weekly Tasks

Week 1

  • Created Zenit Wiki
  • Created Blog
  • Blogged on introductory readings (here)

Week 2

  • Created MDC Wiki (done)
  • Joined #static mailing list
  • Listened in on a Weekly Call:
    • This was done at a later date. I ended up listening in on an Education call about Women in Mozilla which was actually quite interesting. I hadn't realized the extent of all of the 'evangelism' efforts around the world, in Europe, etc
  • Got Mathew to update my wiki, Updated Mathew's wiki (IRC lab)
  • Referenced another student's blog post (Mathew's) here for help with build issues

Week 3

Week 4

  • Lab: Source code reading - Checked out the html parser generator. Seems to be a python frontend for Bison

Week 5

  • Created bugzilla account (done previously)
  • See above for project related bugs

Week 6

  • Lab: never actually patched Thunderbird, but I did review Mathew's patch
  • Registered for FSOSS

Week 7

  • Commented on JavaScript: The Good Parts here (I actually ended up taking this out from the library)