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About Me

Name: Siddharth Kalra (Sid)
IRC Nick: Sid or Sid23
Contact Email: sid_at_sidkalra_dot_com
Program: Bachelor Degree of Software Development (Semester 7)
About: I'm a software developer currently studying at Seneca College. You can check out my website at Also check out my blog, The Unheralded Perspective





Lab 1

  • Created an account on this wiki for myself
  • Created a personal wiki page on this wiki, and add a link for myself to the People page
  • Created a blog and created a feed category called "open source"
  • Read the Blog Guidelines for instructions on how to use my blog in the course
  • Added my blog feed and info to the Open Source@Seneca Planet List
  • Blogged on my reactions to the readings for this week.
  • Began learning how to use IRC for communication.

Lab 2

  • Ensured that all TODO items from week 1 were completed
  • Commented in at least one other student's blog with your feedback to what they wrote.
  • Watched online lectures for this week about open source community
  • Completed this week's lab. Posted my results here
  • Looked at the Potential Projects page and picked 3 projects on which you'd like to work--next week, you'll narrow this to just one. List them here along with your name.
  • Added my wiki page to the class list for Students in DPS909 Fall 2008

Lab 3

Lab 4

  • Worked on the Source Code Reading lab by searching for code for File > Close Tab. Found the code here using MXR
  • As a substitute for the create a patch lab I uploaded my own patches for my project for bug 445560, bug 448707 and bug 459727

Lab 5

Lab 6

  • Posted a bug on landfill along with the patch that fixes the mailto bug here

Lab 7

  • Posted a patch for the trunk here

Lab 8

  • Completed the lab and posted the .xpi to here


I'm starting work on the Mercurial History Browsing project.

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