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Personal Profile

Name: Chinmay Patel or Chintu or Chinu or Jimmy

Gender: Male

Course: BSD (Bachelor of Software Development)

Strengths: C, C++, Java, SQL

Weaknesses: I can't ask somebody for help. But, I think I have to learn that ... and eventually I will

Hobbies: RollerSkating and Pingpong and Badminton and Lots of other.


Programming Profile

Languages Known: C, C++, Java, SQL, Flash Actionscript

Blog :

Projects: I haven't completed any projects but school assignments.

Current Project: Currently I am working on project on Mozilla Thunderbird. It is all about making weave work on Thunderbird. The work has already been started and I just have to continue from the left over and wrap it up.


0.1 Rename Attachment

This Extension will rename attachments. Here is more info regarding the Extension.

0.2 Attachment Reminder

Hot Hot Hot Hot Bug!!! This feature will remind user to attach attachments. So, no more "Sorry, I forgot the attachments. Here it is. Sorry, ..." !

0.3 Attachment Reminder

Just going to expand more features on Attachment Reminder Bug. Make it more user friendly. One of the ways to make it user friendly is to allow user to add new keywords which Thunderbird will look for in the body of the email.

0.4 Attachment Reminder

I forgot to write about this one. If you need to read more about this click [here].

0.5 Attachment Reminder

In this release I have addressed all the issues raised in the [comment].I would encourage more and more people to download my [patch] and provide me some feedback. Moreover, I have created a [suggestion box] in my profile page, feel free to edit it.

0.6 (Attachment Reminder + LIBNOTIFY)

This is a combined release of two BUGs: Attachment Reminder and LIBNOTIFY Notifications. I think, this could be the last patch for Attachment reminder. But, I am open to work more if needed.

My another task is to make Thunderbird notify new emails through LIBNOTIFY. I have started working on it and set up the required environment for the BUG. Here is the [PATCH].

0.7 Attachment Reminder + LIBNOTIFY + Tango Icons

This release was a mix of three bugs. [Attachment reminder bug], [Libnotify bug] and [Tango Icons Bug].

It looks like, the Thunderbird community doesn't need the integration of LIBNOTIFY at the moment. I have submitted couple of patches to the [bug], but it has no more requirement. Eventually, I have to drop the bug.

Moreover, I am going through my worst period in the [Attachment Reminder] bug because I am not having any work done. I am submitting the patches but it doesn't apply properly. They say that it the patch is bitrotten. What else can be happen if I they are checking the patch after the 2 weeks of upload date? But, I can certainly understand their busy schedule and try my best to get work done.

My prospect bug is [Tango Icons bug]. Currently, I don't have any idea what is going on with that bug. I only know that I am going to do that bug.

0.8 Attachment Reminder + Tango Icons

0.8 is the combined release for [Attachment Reminder Bug] and [Tango Icons Bug].

For the [Attachment reminder bug], I am getting somewhat impatience. I am trying my best and still not be able to get it done. Improper apply of the patch and building errors for the patch are killing me. I am not getting the reason why my patches are creating so much issues in other machines? I guess, I have to create the patch and ask David Humphrey, if he can apply my patch and build Thunderbird. Hopefully, next will be my last patch.

[Tango Icons bug] is the most interesting bug for me. It contains some user interface stuffs that I like the most. In this bug, I have to apply the patch created by Andreas Nilsson, one of the community member, and make the patch compatible to the hg mercurial. In this bug, I have learned about combination of CSS, XUL and images in Thunderbird code.

Currently, I feel that I am getting all sorts of experience in the Thunderbird code. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I am feeling more satisfied and versatile. After working on all these bugs, I am more confident that I will be able to handle everything that comes to me in terms of coding.

0.9 Attachment Reminder + Tango Icons

This release is a landmark to me. I got the Attachment Reminder fixed. Megnus came up with the patch including my errors fixed and adding some extra features. However, I still need to apply that patch, edit if required and ask for UI review. It will surely done by the end of the semester.

Although I am almost done by Attachment Reminder, I have lot of work to do in Tango icons Bug. I have to merge all those separate icons images into one big image. Then I have to refer to that image from the Thunderbird CSS. Evenhough It sounds so easy, it requires a lot of manual coding. Apart from all the work that I have to finish, I will try my best to get this bug done in next two weeks.

Final Release

I am so glad to announce that my Attachment reminder bug is complete. I just got the review+ from Megnus Malin. Now, I am just waiting for the UI review? I guess, there should not be any problem. Let us see how does it go?

Plus, I have submitted a patch on the Tango Icons Integration Bug and asked for review. In this bug, I have merged the icons into big images for the performance purpose. Now, just waiting for the review.

Hopefully, I will get the confirmation before my presentation on Friday.


Course introduction

Account on [Wiki] and [Blogspot] has been created.

Also, I have added my name to the [Seneca Planet List].

Hence, first is DONE.

Collaborative and Community Development Practices

This lab has provided a brief outline for Open source community. It gave us a main idea, "if the code is already written, don't waste your time in re-writing it. Just Copy and Paste it !!!" For this lab I have made a [cuil], a new search engine, search through Ubiquity.

Managing and Building large source trees

I have blogged about it on my blog page. If you want help or reference, you can go to the link below and look at it.

Navigating the Mozilla source tree

For navigation in Mozilla tree, I got a great tool called DOM inspector. It helped me lot in exploring Thunderbird tree. DOM inspector is the best, as far as I know, tool to have a reference for Object Model. I have blogged about how to use it but it didn't show up on the Seneca Planet. To know how to us DOM inspector, do look into my [blog]. Please leave some comment on it! ;)

Bug searching and Fixing

These are the 3 bugs that are not perfectly related to my project but still somewhat related to it. Here they are ...

Modifying Thunderbird Lab

I have filed the bug at [Landfill Bugzilla].

Modifying Thunderbird With extension Lab

In this lab I am doing the same as previous lab. However, I am using extension to do it. [Download] my XPI file and check it.


This is the toughest lab. It took me so much time to finish this lab. [Download] my Lab and Check it. Hopefully, it works.


I am so sorry for not doing this lab. I am planning to do my 0.33 release, not 0.3 release, in place of this lab. Basically, both things are working with XUL stuffs. Hence, it is better to do some 'real' stuff in place of this lab.

Contribution Done

 Provided him the data that he wanted for his research.
  Debug the makefile
  Chris Bishop
  Made automated shell script
  Thomas J. Brown
  Helped him to build his Thunderbird
  Tested his extension.
  Debugged the code and find the error to fix the problem. The problem was in install.rdf file.
  Build Thunderbird with visual studio.
 Changed the code so that it is excceptable.
 Provided an example in a manner that another developer can understand is easily.

Contribution Received

 Chris Bishop: 
 Always eager to help me. My first source of information after websites. Helped me to build Thunderbird.
 James Boston: 
 Helped me with Building Thunderbird. Plus, Helped me to understand his PASTEBIN AND UBIQUITY stuff.
 Scott Lunel: 
 I was stuck in packaging my Extension. Scott came to me helped me in Packaging it. And finally, my extension is working. Thanks a lot Scott.
 Tested my extension.
 Tested  my extension.
 Patrick Lam
 Tested  my extension.

Suggestion BOX

Feel Free to provide any suggestions here :)

Future Goals

My first task is to finish my 0.33 release which will be a full-fledged developed [attachment reminder]. Moreover, I have taken the next course DPS911 to continue my journey through open source world. I still need to talk to David Humphrey what I am going to do in that course. I would be looking for some HOT and HARD meat to work on for my future course. Hopefully, and I will, I would be able to satisfy the requirements of Open Source Community.