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About Me

I am a Student, husband and a father to be.

You can find my blog here.


Firefox Build


Profile the build system I provided my build times on my Windows XP using VS 2008 and VS 2005. Also when I changed my system configuration to using 2GB of ram and 2 harddrives I rebuilt and submitted those times.
IRC Chat help I'm usually on IRC as chrisBee and I try to provide help to anyone that I am capable of helping.
Seneca How-To Wiki I created a How-To page for all things open source.

Current Projects

    PGO Related Bugs

Mozilla has been designed to work with profile guided optimizations on Windows but the optimizations are revealing bugs in the software. This project is to find what is causing these bugs or crashes and work at resolving the issues.

   Canvas3d Library

Mozilla is adding OpenGL support in FireFox 3 through an extension called canvas3d. This project is wrapping those calls inside of JavaScript objects to remove a lot of the complexity of 3d design. The library will give web developers a source of objects and libraries they can use to create a 3d world and interact with it.

My job is to design demos using this library.


   A Simple Typing Game

For this game 3d cubes are spinning and moving across the screen. There are letters above the spinning cubes. The cubes spin and move at different speeds. The objective is to press the letter above the cube before the cube is off the screen. Points are awarded for pressing the key in time, points are deducted for missing.

   A Flickr Demo

This demo has 5 cubes on the screen. Each cube can be clicked on and then dragged to rotated the cube. If the double is doubled clicked on it will zoom in, if clicked on again will zoom out. A user an enter a search term and 5 pictures from flickr will be downloaded and textured to the cubes.

   3D Google Map demo

I am currently working on this demo. My goal is to send a request for directions to Google Maps and then model that route in a 3d Scene. Then the user can either use an auto drive function to travel down the route or drive themselves. I would also like to grab more information from the Google Maps API, like find business located along the route. As the user drives down the route they see road signs with the name of the road they are passing or generic buildings with the name of the businesses.

Currently I have the route being modeled in the 3d scene but I need to add corners. We'll see what I do from there.

    Ubiquity Commands

Google Map Directions


This command allows a user to type in multiple addresses and is then redirected to Google Maps with it displaying the directions for the addresses entered.

v2.0 (Sept 10th, 2008)

I added a preview for the map directions.