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This is the first time I have ever used a wiki so it is turning out to be an interesting experience. Building FireFox was a very interesting experience. The time it took for me to figure out the instructions was around with 4 hours with help from Sherman and Elizabeth's page. The build itself took 51 minutes.

Contact Information

Name: Colin Guy

IRC Nick: Guyness



Assignment 1 Building FireFox

XULRunner Guide

Researching XPIDL and IDL Technologies

Class Contributions

  • Helped Test Mozilla Fire Fox on Test Day using Litmus
  • Calendar Day - Eva
  • FireFox Performance Testing a Python Framework For Windows (Liz)

Project Contributions


Researched and filed tags from in the Cascade Style Sheet Guide

  • border-style
  • border-collapse tag
  • background-position-x
  • background-position-y

Found The Following Tags for CSS

  • max-height
  • max-width
  • min-height
  • min-width
  • font-variant
  • font-size-adjust
  • outline
  • outline-color

News Group

News Group Summaries for
Mozilla Dev Tech Layout

My Experience With OpenSource

This is the first time I became involved with Open Source. I truly found it a rewarding experience because it has exposed me to a world that I never knew existed. This course has triggered my curiosity to experiment with open source alternatives to popular software such as I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated.


I like to thank everyone who has contributed on XULRunner and enriched my experience with Open Source. Especially Benjamin Smedberg for all his help.