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Armen Zambrano Gasparnian
Born January 09
Occupation BSD Student
Expected Graduation May 2009

Welcome, my name's Armen Zambrano Gasparnian, I've come to Canada last year on February from Spain; I hate computers but I love what I can do with them. It's a privilege to be studying the Bachelor in Software Development (BSD) that Seneca offers, because I think is very challenging. Before coming here I took a degree in Computer Engineering in the University of Malaga

I have already studied in University of Malaga a degree in Computer Engineering which affected me badly :)



Project for DPS909

  • This is my DPS909 project - Automated localization build tool - read more

Deliverables for DPS909

XPCOM chrome lab zip file
XPCOM lab zip file blog post
Thunder Bird lab patch patch_td.txt blog post
Extension lab - open tab beside current one addtabbeside.xpi blog post
Tab lab patch tabPatch.txt blog post

Contributions during DPS909

Tested leaky plugin Tested that the plugin worked but without crashing ff3
Test days - Friday Nov. 9 3.0 Firefox Windows Vista - Installation - Digital Certificates
Test days - Friday Nov. 9 Canadian Banking - Tested BMO Mosaik Mastercard site
Bug days - Tuesday Oct. 30th Found a bug that was fixed and passed it to Anthony to change the status

To do for DPS909

List of to dos completed (the ones without link might be that I haven't done it yet or that I haven't linked it)

  1. w1 - Create blog, with open source label, add to the planet, create wiki account, etc -- ALL DONE
  2. w2 - Watched videos and wrote about them (link), wrote on other's people blogs, create an account on MDC, added wiki to DPS909 students, chosen three projects -- ALL DONE
  3. w3 - create simple makefile (NOT DONE), watch online build lecture, do a debug build and blog about it, chose project -- ALL DONE BUT FIRST
  4. w4 - lxr reading lab, incremental build, practice patches, there are no files that our project will be changing -- ALL DONE
  5. w5 - create bugzilla account, subscribe to bugs (look down in this page), watched Axel and Luser, added ways of people helping us out -- ALL DONE
  6. w6 - release a patch (link), subscribe to blocking bugs (bugs section down here), blog about your watching (link), I helped testing the plugin watcher (link), update on 0.1 release -- ALL DONE
  7. w7 - Extension lab, blog about it, complete your 0.1 release and write a blog post - ALL DONE
  8. w8 - Complete any outstanding labs or blog/wiki/project requirements, seek contributions, transcoding videos request -- ALL DONE
  9. w9 - FSOSS paper by Armen Zambrano, complete your 0.2 plan, blog about your 0.2 plans, add new 2 contributions, complete ThunderBird lab (patch) and blog about it -- ALLDONE
  10. w10 - 0.2 release (update wiki, make the code available, blog about it), complete XPCOM lab (make zip available and blog about it) -- ALL DONE
  11. w11 - firstxpchrome lab -- ALL DONE
  12. w12 -
  13. w13 -

>>>> To be continued <<<<<

Bugs for DPS909

Blocking bus that I'm subscribed to

Bugs related to my projects

What I'm trying to do/Intentions

  • This is my DPS909 project - Automated localization build tool - read more
  • This is my side project - Localize Firefox in Armenian Team page - here

Contact me

IRC: armenzg on #seneca, #clubmoz, #l10n
My blog:
Email: azambran AT

Collected Information

Windows Vista

How did I build the first time? I don't know; I decided to find out, therefore, I was looking to see if I had the "Windows SDK" and I have found this:

  • Windows SDK for Vista and .NET Framework 3.0:
  1. (ISO download - 6.0.6000.0.0.WindowsSDK_Vista_rtm.DVD.Rel.img, 6.0.6000, 11/4/2006)
  2. (Web Setup - Setup.exe, 11/7/2006, 1 KB-1185.7 MB*)
  • Windows SDK Update for Windows Vista ISO Download:
  1. (ISO download 6.1.6000.16384.10.WindowsSDK_Vista_Feb2007Update_rtm.DVD.Rel.iso, 6.0, 3/22/2007, 1180.1 MB)
  2. (Web Setup - Setup.exe, 3/22/2007, 1 KB-1178.3 MB*)

I don't know if the update brings what the initial package brings (pay attention to size - for being an update it looks HUGE)

Past contributions

  • I have helped Dave and Shaver to set up some USB keys for something with Mozilla and SickKids - follow the Uninstall U3 from Mozilla USB keys and add PortableApps with FF2.0.0.3
  • Category:Mozilla for beginners - This is a subcategory of M@S that wraps pages that introduce students to Mozilla@Seneca
  • We could also add this line: $wgFavicon = "$wgScriptPath/Favicon.png"; to the LocalSettings.php file
  • I would like to categorize Mozilla@Seneca's wiki, I will work this summer with Dave to see what we can do about this. I don't think that it will happen
  • We could add this extension to the wiki (Add Article to Category) and start organizing things by categories
  • Add some iTunes feeds for the Mozilla Lectures I will leave this for the moment
 Dave suggested me to use this Daapd

External projects that I'm involved with

I collaborate in the following sites in collaboration with another administrator or being the administrator myself: