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About Me

Hi, my name is Anna Sobiepanek. I am currently a seventh semester student in the BSD program.
During my spare time I play soccer Liga De Oro.

Email: AnnaOpenSource at

Web pages - None
Blog -
IRC nick - annasob
Twitter -
Programming languages - PHP, C/C++, VB.NET, C#.NET, Java
Open Source - Mozilla, OpenOffice

Open Source Projects


Deliverables  Links  Blog
Release Schedule Schedule
Setting up Environment GitHub GitHub Bug   GitHub Set-up   Adding Code to GitHub
cursor() Implementation mizilla wiki Demo1 Demo2 Update
noCursor() Implementation mizilla wiki Demo
0.1 Release css reference Update Demos/Testing
PImage() Implementation mozilla wikiSet Demo Get DemoCopy Demo PImageUpdateCopy PImage Rewrite
0.2 Release Canvas Element RevisionUpdate Demo/Testing
Sphere() and Box() mozillas wiki:sphere, sphereDetail,box box demo sphere demo
0.3 Release Lighthouse Update Demo/Testing


Completed Lab  Links  Blog
Communicating Using IRC - met online with Andor Salga and updated his wiki page
Firefox/Gecko Development Meeting Agenda Meeting Notes
Mozilla Community w/ Mike Beltzner Listen Now Notes
Building Firefox Getting Mozilla Source Code Building v1Building v2


(Humph if any of these don't belong strike-through it and we will argue about it later)

Contribution Blog
Volunteered at FSOSS
Reported a GitHub Bug bug blog
Researched bug tracker for GitHub
Blogged about 3D processing.js meeting OpenGL meeting
Put my github blogs on the page Adding new code Setting up GitHub
Helped Daniel Hodginwith PImage copy math which will ultimately be used in his 0.3 copy() code PImage Copy()

Links I use