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Introduction & Contact

Andrew Grimo

Professor at School of Computer Studies, Seneca College

Office Room# 2095

Phone# 416-491-5050 ext.????


IRC: andrewgrimo #seneca

For more official information about courses I am teaching, go to my Computer Studies Homepage: cs/~andrew.grimo


My first education was in music recording and production, including audio for video and film. I worked in a few studios, earned a gold record for an album where I was a production assistant. My specialization was in digital audio editing. Simple put, I made a musicians performance in the studio perfect by removing errors and altering/tightening their timing.

My first IT experience was at an MP3 dot com company where a series of lay-offs in the IT department led me to the position of Jr. System Admin. Everything that was needed to learn was done on the job without any previous background. With this job I used Red Hat Linux version 7.1 for server administration across the company, but also for my desktop computer at work. This was my second OS to learn second to the Mac, which I started using at Mac OSv7.6 (prior to Apple's MacOSX freebsd unix system). Years later after supporting small offices in a Windows environment I acquired my A+ certification.

As a graduate of Seneca's Computer Programming and Analysis Co-op diploma, I am now teaching here and working a full-time job as a mainframe database administrator. Just like working at the MP3 dot com company, I learned everything needed while on the job as a DBA.

Your capacity to continuously learn as a result of this program will be your second most important asset. The first that should be emphasized, is your capacity to communicate and work with others, particularly during your co-op placements as these can be incredible opportunities for employers to get to know you. Your soft skills will catch the attention of potential employers at co-op placements, and then your technical capacity can shine through. Good luck toward you all with your initial jobs in this industry and your continuing success.

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