Team I typedef Foo - Irc log - Feb 17 - oop344 20111

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Session Start: Thu Feb 17 09:37:42 2011
Session Ident: #typedef_Foo
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[20:57] <Herman_Wu> my stomach
[20:57] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> lol
�14[20:57] <wliang> hi guys
[20:57] <Herman_Wu> hi
[20:57] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yo
�14[20:57] <wliang> sorry i had to work today
[20:57] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> np
�14[20:58] <wliang> so how r we doing ?
[20:58] <Herman_Wu> waiting on edit to finish
[20:58] <Herman_Wu> then we should be able to tag it
[20:59] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> three main things left
[20:59] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> IsTextEditor Sect 1
[20:59] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> which no one can figire one
[20:59] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> Sect 2
[20:59] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> which relates to mem check
[21:00] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> and then just running throught the BIO_TESTER
[21:00] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> which is what I'm doing
[21:00] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> latest code is in my branch code_edit_v2
�14[21:03] <wliang> alrite let's see if i can get it =p
�14[21:31] <wliang> the warnings for borland is driving me crazy
[21:31] <Herman_Wu> its insane in vc also
�14[21:33] <wliang> i found cpyStr is actually never assigned with anything
�14[21:33] <wliang> (i'm trying to eliminate warnings one by one
�14[21:40] <wliang> i mean, it is assigned with the new dynam. mem but tht mem never store anything
�14[21:42] <wliang> what does cpyStr does? holds a copy of the original string incase use hit esc?
�14[21:42] <wliang> user*
[21:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it holds a temp copy of the original str
[21:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so yes...if user hits esc it's copied back into str
�14[21:45] <wliang> yes, so cpyStr gets allocated with space of slen+1, but 2 problems
�14[21:45] <wliang> 1. strcpy(cpyStr, str) should be used
�14[21:46] <wliang> 2. slen wasn't initialized at that point
[21:48] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> the second part was my fault i just swichted some lines around for a check and accidently moved it too
[21:48] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it's moved back
�14[21:53] <wliang> bc gives me warning if u type function() instead of function(void)
�14[21:53] <wliang> but all fardad's biotest doesn't have void
[21:55] <Herman_Wu> that is old C
[21:55] <Herman_Wu> strict old school C requires void if nothing gets passed thru a function
[21:55] <Herman_Wu> lol
[21:59] <Herman_Wu> does anyone know what time the open labs opens tmr?
�14[22:00] <wliang> we pass 9.1 - 9.5, fail on 9.6?
[22:00] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ?
[22:00] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> 9.6 passes
�14[22:01] <wliang> ok let me update ur code and try again
[22:02] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k
[22:02] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> code has been updated
[22:02] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it's confusing
[22:03] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it says not to check for typing beyonf maxdatalen
[22:03] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> but without that check test 9.6 fails
[22:03] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> weird
[22:07] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> all remaining issues relate to TextEditor
�14[22:16] <wliang> lol, after reading istexteditor.....i don't get it
�14[22:18] <wliang> one small thing, insertmode should be 1 is == to NULL
[22:19] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ?
�14[22:22] <wliang> line 235, if *insertmode == NULL    *insertmode = 1
[22:22] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ah right
[22:23] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> Stephen...have you got Sect 2 done?
[22:24] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> and does anyone know if the function is supposed to terminate if invalid offset or curpos are passed in texteditor mode?
[22:25] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> because I can't find i written anywhere
[22:25] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> but the tests seem to say it should
�14[22:27] <wliang> seems like it should
�14[22:30] <wliang> in section 1, 2nd paragraph beginning of the function, u have to validate *offset, and if u have to modify it, do so, then terminate the function and return the default value of key
�14[22:31] <wliang> what is the default value of key tho?
Session Close: Thu Feb 17 22:32:12 2011

Session Start: Thu Feb 17 22:32:12 2011
Session Ident: #typedef_Foo
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[22:32] <swedwards> um section 2.
[22:32] <swedwards> just a sec
�02[22:32] * wliang ( Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
�14[22:33] <wliang11> was i making sence?
[22:35] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> for what?
[22:37] <swedwards> i'm not sure how to account for section 2. shouldn't it be taken care of if the other stuff works right?
�14[22:37] <wliang11> 2nd paragraph of section 1 means u should validate+modify offset, then terminate the function
[22:38] <swedwards> that part confused me
�14[22:39] <wliang11> i'm pretty sure that's what it means, but i don't understand return the default key
�14[22:39] <wliang11> what is default key?
[22:40] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> 0
[22:42] <swedwards> does it maybe mean just returning the key that was pressed? but thats done anyway isn't it?
[22:42] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> no
[22:42] <swedwards> like everytime the function is called
[22:42] <Herman_Wu> i think stephen is right
[22:42] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it wants you to exit the function early and return 0
[22:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> if you run the tests you'll se
[22:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> see
[22:43] <Herman_Wu> buit it says default value of ke
[22:43] <Herman_Wu> key(
[22:43] <Herman_Wu> not default key value
[22:43] <Herman_Wu> unless he loves the play on words shit
[22:43] <swedwards> lol
[22:44] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> test 9.17
[22:44] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> The function should terminate returning 0
[22:44] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> which it now does
[22:44] <swedwards> so don't we have to just set done to 1 and key to 0 then?
[22:44] <swedwards> oh ok.
[22:45] <Herman_Wu> we shouldnt be setting the 1s and 0s
[22:45] <Herman_Wu> it should be whatever is passed thru right?\
[22:45] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> for what?
[22:45] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> key?
[22:45] <Herman_Wu> yup
[22:46] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> since key is the value returned we have to modifie key to allow error msgs to be returned
[22:46] <Herman_Wu> thats ez xD
[22:46] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yah
[22:46] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> codes been added in
[22:47] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> updated
[22:48] <Herman_Wu> branches?
�14[22:48] <wliang11> can't we mod biotest so we can start from test 9.17?
[22:48] <Herman_Wu> yes
[22:48] <Herman_Wu> check his #define
[22:49] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> that test passes
�14[22:50] <wliang11> 9.18
�14[22:50] <wliang11> i suppose the offset is modded when u hit home, so function should terminate?
[22:50] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> that i don't get
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> 9.6 is wrong too
[22:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i think that relates to Sect 1
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> the 'c' doesnt show up
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> but it still passes
[22:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> the c can't show up
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> its not suppose to?
[22:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> that;'s the idea
[22:51] <Herman_Wu> oh ok
[22:51] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> you can't type past the length of maxdatalen
�14[22:51] <wliang11> ok, i think, for 9.18
�14[22:52] <wliang11> function should terminate coz offset is modded, and return the terminating key, which is home
[22:52] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k
[22:53] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> would that account for any change to offset?
[22:53] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> such as end and arrowing past the feild?
[22:54] <Herman_Wu> it shouldnt
�14[22:54] <wliang11> i think it should
[22:54] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> but i think thats what Sect 1 wants
�14[22:54] <wliang11> he explained this in class, the whole point of this is because
�14[22:54] <wliang11> for textediting, there will be multiple lines
�14[22:55] <wliang11> for example
�14[22:55] <wliang11> if u delete char on first line, the first char of 2nd line will become the last char of first line
�14[22:56] <wliang11> and that will apply to whole text field even if there are 10000 lines
�14[22:56] <wliang11> that's why the function needs to terminate and mod the ret of the lines first
�14[22:56] <wliang11> that logic will probably be one of the hard part later on
[22:59] <Herman_Wu> oh man i swear edit becomes bigger and bigger
[22:59] <Herman_Wu> and please dont use key values
[22:59] <Herman_Wu> it wont work on other machines
[22:59] <Herman_Wu> (key >= 32 && key <= 126)
[22:59] <Herman_Wu> those might not work on mac
[23:00] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> that might not be needed anyway...that was a temp fix....
[23:00] <Herman_Wu> anyone gonan be at the open lab during the irc session tomorrow?
�14[23:01] <wliang11> like how fardad explain in section 1, just compare the offset at the end of the loop (after switch) and if tempoffset != *offset, then done = 1, return key
�14[23:01] <wliang11> i will
[23:01] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> that's what I'm doing
�14[23:01] <wliang11> i will be in lab, herman, wanna debug on mac?
[23:08] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> btw..this is due in less than 1 hour
[23:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> K
[23:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> all tests pass
[23:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> BUT
[23:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> when running test 10
[23:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> the all out do it yourself check
[23:11] <Herman_Wu> does the open lab have mac?
[23:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> i noticed that backspave does not alwys work
[23:11] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> can someone check that
�14[23:11] <wliang11> the one in s building does
[23:12] <Herman_Wu> everything should work on mac if no one use number key values
[23:12] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> OL has one mac
[23:12] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> thats been removed
�14[23:12] <wliang11> just go library tomor
[23:14] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so uh
[23:14] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> did anyone put in code for the Sect 3 check
[23:15] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> or look at backspace
[23:15] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> oh
�14[23:15] <wliang11> u commit yet?
[23:15] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> am
[23:15] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> done
�14[23:16] <wliang11> i kept updating lol
[23:16] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> codes in code_edit_v2
[23:16] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> oh
[23:16] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> lol
[23:17] <swedwards> i still don't get what he means by the mem allocation for aborting in that part
[23:17] <swedwards> section 3.2 i mean
�14[23:18] <wliang11> when does backspace not work?
[23:18] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> run test 10
[23:19] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> and try using backspace
[23:19] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it didn't work for me
�14[23:19] <wliang11> works for me
[23:20] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> huh
[23:20] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ok
�14[23:20] <wliang11> u mean when curser is at the beginning of the field?
[23:21] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> no
[23:21] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> just somtimes regardless of curpos backpace won't del chars
[23:21] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> kust moves the cursor
�14[23:21] <wliang11> yea i noticed
�14[23:22] <wliang11> seems like it doesn't work when offset is 0
�14[23:23] <wliang11> yea if there is at least on char hiding on the left, backspace works
[23:24] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ok found and fixed
[23:25] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> updated
[23:25] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> one last issue...unless you guys see anything
�14[23:25] <wliang11> lol maybe i should apply for tester job in the future
[23:25] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> if (*insertmode == NULL)
[23:25] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2>   //  *insertmode = 1;
[23:26] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> uh without th //
[23:26] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it causes issues
[23:26] <swedwards> how so?
[23:26] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it is supposed to correct insertmode if its NULL
[23:26] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> but it chages it if it's 0 too
�14[23:27] <wliang11> oh yea NULL is 0, lol
[23:27] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yah
[23:27] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so I need to tell it NULL but not 0
[23:27] <swedwards> could you say and not equal to 0?
[23:29] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k fixed
[23:29] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2>
[23:29] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> does anyone see anything else
[23:29] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ...and where is the code for sect 2
[23:31] <Herman_Wu> arnt u and him coding it?
�14[23:32] <wliang11> want me to do it?
[23:32] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yah
[23:32] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> I'm asking where he has the code
[23:33] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> or if it;s done yet
�14[23:33] <wliang11> sean u commited yet? i'm updating~lol
[23:33] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> one sec
[23:33] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k
[23:33] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> updated
�14[23:34] <wliang11> ok i'll branch to my folder and continue
�14[23:37] <wliang11> for 3.2 does it mean if cpyStr == NULL then done = 1; key = -1?
[23:38] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> not sure
[23:39] <swedwards> it sounds like thats what it means to me but the wording is really confusing.
�14[23:39] <wliang11> and if that's the case then we don't need exit at the beginning
[23:40] <Herman_Wu> isnt this due in like 20 minutes?
�14[23:40] <wliang11> yup
[23:41] <swedwards> well, the exit statement could be changed to done = 1 and key =1 couldn't it?
[23:41] <swedwards> cuz we just need the func to terminate
�14[23:41] <wliang11> so 3.1 doesn't need to change anything
[23:41] <Herman_Wu> create a int called -1
[23:41] <Herman_Wu> i mean fail
[23:41] <Herman_Wu> return fail;
[23:41] <Herman_Wu> xD
[23:42] <Herman_Wu> oh wait i forgot they wont let us do multiple exit
[23:42] <swedwards> oh wait i meant key = -1 in that last msg
�14[23:42] <wliang11> why return fail, just set key to -1
[23:42] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> yah
[23:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so if cpyStr == NULL
[23:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> done = 1 and key = -1
[23:43] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> right?
[23:43] <swedwards> i think that should work.
[23:44] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k
[23:45] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> anything else
[23:45] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> ?
�14[23:45] <wliang11> who's editing the code? i am right?
[23:46] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> I have been
[23:46] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> so which have you made changes to the code beyond what I have?
�14[23:47] <wliang11> i just thought i was fixing the section 3
�14[23:47] <wliang11> it's ok, forget mine
[23:47] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> oh
�14[23:48] <wliang11> that's ok, i think we should post the log from last night and tonite onto team page anyway
[23:48] <Herman_Wu> did u save the log?
[23:49] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> gah...forgot to last night..but I'll save this one
�14[23:49] <wliang11> i have since feb 4th~lol
�14[23:49] <wliang11> but i wasn't on today b4 8ish tho
[23:50] <Herman_Wu> i just switched to xchat
�14[23:50] <wliang11> anyways, don't worry about that yet, anyone find anything else?
[23:50] <Herman_Wu> so i have no idea how to save log on it
[23:50] <Herman_Wu> mirc imo is far beter >_<
�14[23:52] <wliang11> i think we're done
�14[23:52] <wliang11> can't really find anything else
[23:52] <Herman_Wu> yup
[23:52] <Herman_Wu> so trunk up
[23:52] <Herman_Wu> compile to see fi it passes all test
[23:52] <Herman_Wu> if only i have a linux installed T_T
�14[23:52] <wliang11> 8mins =p
[23:52] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> it compiles in vc and pass al tests
[23:54] <Herman_Wu> k looked over the code
[23:54] <Herman_Wu> seems fine
[23:55] <Herman_Wu> cept might get some warnings
[23:55] <Herman_Wu> xD
[23:55] <Herman_Wu> my vc gives warning regardless of whatever the program is
[23:55] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> bc comp
[23:55] <Herman_Wu> even if its int main(){return 0;}
[23:55] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> with ussual wanings
�14[23:55] <wliang11> i should try vs express, might run ok on my netbook
[23:56] <Herman_Wu> i only use the express edition
�14[23:56] <wliang11> i tried 2010 ultimate
[23:56] <Herman_Wu> lol
[23:57] <Herman_Wu> i dont use those because they extras are not needed unless u work in a big development team
[23:57] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> lnx compile but warnigs
�03[23:57] * swedwards_ ( has joined #typedef_Foo
�14[23:57] <wliang11> literally 10 mins to start, and almost 5 mins to compile
[23:58] <Herman_Wu> lol
[23:58] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> k in compiles on every...cept cant check mac...but tere are warnings
[23:58] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> less then two mins?
[23:58] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> submit?
�14[23:58] <wliang11> yea
�02[23:58] * swedwards ( Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
�03[23:58] * swedwards_ is now known as swedwards
Session Time: Fri Feb 18 00:00:00 2011
[00:01] <Herman_Wu> yay good job everyone
[00:01] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> submited
[00:01] <swedwards> cool. sorry i was useless on this release guys. i'll try and pick it up for the next one.
[00:01] <Herman_Wu> when u mean submit what do u mean
[00:01] <Herman_Wu> nah its not much ur fault
[00:01] <@Yellow-Box_Mk2> placed in trunk and tags
[00:01] <Herman_Wu> its just we need to plan ahead
[00:02] <Herman_Wu> edit shoulda been broken down into many function so we coulda debuged it easier
�14[00:02] <wliang11> so who's gonna be in school tomor?
[00:02] <Herman_Wu> im gonna go to open lab for the irc session
[00:02] <swedwards> i'll be on irc from home.
[00:03] <Herman_Wu> i have a class at 11:30 so i cant afford to stay home
�14[00:03] <wliang11> why open lab?better then computer commence?
[00:03] <swedwards> yeah i have dcn too but i'm gonna skip it. i've got a big project for an eac class i wanna get done.
[00:03] <Herman_Wu> i can drink coffee and eat in open lab, library kicks me out
[00:03] <swedwards> lol
[00:03] <swedwards> thats a good point.
[00:04] <Herman_Wu> i did really bad in dcn test so im going to try to ace the quiz tmr
�14[00:04] <wliang11> that room have no reception tho
[00:04] <swedwards> oh crap. the quiz.
[00:04] <Herman_Wu> open lab has reception
[00:04] <swedwards> maybe i will be in dcn.
[00:04] <Herman_Wu> the best one in the school
[00:05] <Herman_Wu> people were using thier ps3 on psn to unlock trophy for mvc3 tuesday morning in open lab lol
[00:05] <Herman_Wu> pretty sure thats as fast as the wireless goes if u can do psn
�14[00:05] <wliang11> i'll probably in library tomor, see if i can debug on ma
�14[00:05] <wliang11> mac
[00:06] <swedwards> i play guild wars in the open lab sometimes off my laptop and i get pretty minimal lag
[00:06] <swedwards> better than at home
[00:07] <Herman_Wu> yeah open lab is really good
[00:07] <Herman_Wu> and i cant work without coffee :"(
[00:07] <Herman_Wu> it developed a bad habit on it
[00:07] <swedwards> lol
[00:07] <Herman_Wu> cant do programming without a nicehot coffee
[00:08] <swedwards> where did you see your test mark for dcn?
�14[00:08] <wliang11> on my nth cup of coffee right now
[00:08] <swedwards> nothing onl blackboard
�14[00:08] <wliang11> i had at least 6 cups already
[00:08] <swedwards> holy crap. how do u sleep.
[00:08] <Herman_Wu> shower then jump on bed
�14[00:09] <wliang11> so much that it doesn't really work no more
[00:09] <Herman_Wu> he took up the test right after we wrote it
[00:09] <Herman_Wu> and i remmebered my answer for dcn test
[00:09] <swedwards> oh crap. i left after i was done writing.
[00:09] <Herman_Wu> but its hard to code without coffee
�14[00:09] <wliang11> what's dcn?
[00:10] <Herman_Wu> i know someone that missed the dcn test on purpose
[00:10] <Herman_Wu> data network class
[00:11] <swedwards> why would they miss the test on purpose?
[00:11] <Herman_Wu> too lazy to wake up i guess
[00:13] <swedwards> lol
[00:13] <Herman_Wu> well i wont be on irc till 10:30 ish
[00:13] <Herman_Wu> because i dont trust the lab being open on time
[00:13] <Herman_Wu> lol
[00:13] <Herman_Wu> so i'll arrive prolly around 10:15 ish
[00:13] <swedwards> is tomorrow just irc stuff?
[00:14] <Herman_Wu> apparently
�14[00:15] <wliang11> did fardad explain why r we on irc tomor?
[00:16] <Herman_Wu> not that i know of
[00:16] <swedwards> i think its cuz he's just teaching the conventions of irc.
[00:17] <swedwards> thats what it sounded like to me.
�14[00:18] <wliang11> wierd, microsoft download page for vs c++ express doesn't seems to work
[00:19] <Herman_Wu> thats weird
�14[00:20] <wliang11> nevermind, works now, microsoft hiccup
[00:21] <swedwards> i'm gonna go sleep. night all.
[00:21] <Herman_Wu> yup same
[00:21] <Herman_Wu> cya all
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