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OOP344 Student List for winter of 2011

Make sure you have the following done before you add your name here:

  • You have a registered name for IRC; server.
  • You have a blog for OOP344 either by filtering your posts or a dedicated blog.

Please add your information to the student list table below by adding the following to the end of table code (if you are a student in oop344, Winter of 2011).

|[[User:WUN | FN]]||LN||[[TPN |TN]]||SEC||[ LID]||[[Special:Contributions/WUN | WUN]]||IN||[ Blog | BN ]

Replace the following with your own information when adding the row to the table:

  • WUN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • TPN: Your Team Page Name on wiki
  • TN: Your Team name
  • SEC: Your OOP344 Section (example: A, B or C)
  • LID: Your seneca email ID (learn id)
  • IN: Your IRC Registered Nickname
  • BURL: Your Blog URL
  • BN: Your Blog Title

Do Not add your row unless you have all the above information.

If your information is not added to the following line, your work and assignments will not be marked.

OOP344 - Winter of 2011 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Ahmad Ali Coders OOP344B aali83 aali83 ahmad_ Ahmad Ali's Seneca Blog
Sunny Chau Team Commit OOP344A schau5 Schau5 ScsC My Blog
Dmitry Artemenko Omega OOP344B dartemenko1 Dima _worms Personal Blog
Pratik Patel Coders OOP344A pvpatel5 pvpatel5 patrick_patel Pratik Patel oop344
Luigi Bozianu X-trim OOP344A lbozianu bozianu luigibozi Just Blog!
Yang Wang Class Act OOP344A ywang248 ywang ywang Yang
Shaun Hill Class Act OOP344B sahill1 sahill1 sahill1 Shaun Hill's coding blog, OOP344 section
Ronito Salamanca Code Wranglers OOP344B rsalamanca rsalamanca rsalamanca Ronito's Blog
Muhammad Iqbal Coders OOP344B miqbal5 miqbal5 Muhammad_Iqbal Muhammad
Weichen Liang typedef Foo OOP344B wliang11 wliang11 wliang Will's blog
Patrick Villanueva Class Act OOP344B pvillanueva pvillanueva pvillanueva PatrickV.
Ashkan Sotoudeh Coders OOP344B asotoude asotoude asotoude Ashkan's Blog
Andrew Bruno X-trim OOP344B ajbruno ajbruno ajbruno Andrew's Blog
Stephen Edwards typedef Foo OOP344A swedwards swedwards swedwards Steve's Blog
David Huang Omega OOP344B dhuang20 dhuang20 dhuang20 Dave's Blog
Dorian Bar Fallen Coders OOP344A dbar1 Dbar1 dorianbar Dorian's Blog
Stephen Brooks Omega OOP344B sbrooks4 sbrooks4 sbrooks4 Stephen's Blog
Guo Ying Li Joy OOP344B gyli1 gyli1 gyli1 Guo Ying's Blog
Jingqi Cui BAJA OOP344B jcui12 jcui12 jcui12 Jingqi Cui oop344
Juan Pablo Molina Matute Dynamix OOP344B jpmolinamatute jpmolinamatute juanp_1982 My Blog
Herman Wu typedef Foo OOP344B hwu46 hwu46 Herman_Wu Herman's Blog
Sean Thistle typedef Foo OOP344B sthistle sthistle Yellow-Box_Mk2 tToyEtSCciPe
Jiding Wang X-trim OOP344B jwang206 jwang206 jdmax mahatma is not me
Adhika Mahendra BAJA OOP344B amahendra amahendra amahendra My Blog
Shavar Cox Code Wranglers OOP344B SSCox SSCox ShavarSean Shavar's Blog
Alex Kotliar Omega OOP344B Akotliar Akotliar Akotliar Alex's Blog
Natesh Mayuranathan Joy OOP344B nmayuranathan Nmayuranathan Tesh_ Natesh's Blog
Dongxu Yu Techies OOP344B dyu26 dyu26 Don_yu Don's Blog oop344
Alan Cook BAJA OOP344A acook6 Acook6 acook6 Alan's Programming Blog
Darren Butcher Code Wranglers OOP344B dbutcher Dbutcher hellodarren HelloDarren! Blog
Prateek Chadha X-trim OOP344B pchadha pchadha Aviat0r my blog
Liang Wang Dynamix OOP344B lwang168 lwang lwang168 Liang's Blog
Bhrugesh Patel Fallen Coders OOP344B bapatel6 bapatel6 bhrugesh Bhrugesh's OOP344 Blog
Junyan Ma Fallen Coders OOP344B jma75 jma75 jma75 JunYan's BLOG OOP344
Bryce Harmidy BAJA OOP344B bwharmidy harmidy harmidy Bryce Harmidy's Blog
EnKyung Shim Joy OOP344B eshiim eshiim eshiim EnKyung's Home
Edouard Davlatian Dynamix OOP344A edavlatian edavlatian edavlatian Edouard's Blog
ZhiBin Lu Class Act OOP344B zblu zblu zblu ZhiBin's Blog
Burhan Shabbir Techies OOP344B bshabbir bshabbir bshabbir Burhan's Blog Page
Romero C. A. Silva Joy OOP344A rcasilva rcasilva rcasilva Rcasilva's OOP344 blog