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ARM Status Web Page


Produce a web page that shows progress of the Fedora ARM initiative. This is a one-day challenge to the Fall 2010 SBR600 class (Nov 16, 2010).

  • Two Graphs
    1. Pie graph showing:
      • Packages built for both ARM and primary arch (green)
      • Packages built for primary arch and excluded from ARM build (gray)
      • Packages built for primary arch and not for ARM (red)
    2. Line graph showing:
      • Same information as above, including changes over time


  • Focus on F13 only (dist-f13 target) initially, but make it possible to add other targets later
  • Get statistics from the primary and ARM repos and/or Koji systems
  • Host this on Chile to start
  • Git repo is git://england.proximity.on.ca/arm-status/


  • Use Google Graph API for generating the graphs?
  • Languages: any
  • Can generate on-the-fly or via crontab