Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture/Kernel configs

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ARM Kernel Configurations

Here is a table of Kernel configs for various ARM systems for comparison. Please add any additional config files you know about!

Name Hardware device Description/Summary Notes/Problems Author/Source/Link to info Kernel version Link to config file
kirkwood-default Generic Kirkwood Default Kirkwood (Marvell) ARM config created by running make kirkwood_defconfig at the top of the kernel tree Vanilla, needs HW options selected - 2.6.31 kirkwood_defconfig-2.6.31
sheeva.with-linux.com SheevaPlug From sheeva.with-linux.com Other kernel versions available from that site http://sheeva.with-linux.com/sheeva/ 2.6.33 sheeva-
fedora.danny.cz Generic Kirkwood (SheevaPlug, QNAP, ...) Lot of enabled features together with dracut generated initramfs http://fedora.danny.cz/arm/ 2.6.31 + 2.6.32 config-
Nokia N900 Nokia N900 Mobile Computer - - Jef Moe 2.6.28 rx51_defconfig
James kernel OpenRD-Client Multimedia kernel for the OpenRD-Client board, with modules - http://james.99k.org/openrd.html 2.6.33 OpenRD config
CDOT OpenRD-Client OpenRD-Client Kernel for OpenRD-Client with iSCSI and modules - http://hongkong.proximity.on.ca/chris/openrd-iscsi-kernel/openrd-iscsi-kernel-2.6.33-rc8.config.txt 2.6.33-rc8 Fedora_ARM_Secondary_Architecture/iSCSI