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CDOT is currently running a Koji build system as part of the Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture initiative.



The old build system from October 2010.

System hardware consists of 2 x86_64 PCs (Japan + Iraq) and 4 Calxeda ECX-1000 cards (12 nodes total). Hardware details are listed on the ARM hardware page.


This system uses the Koji build software, which is a client-server hub-builder system. Jobs are queued by client systems (whether manually, by package maintainers, or automatically, by a script) to the hub; the builders pick up jobs from the hub and execute them, building software packages and performing related maintenance (such as repository updates). Package builds are performed with Mock using an isolated, chroot build environment created specifically for the package being built.


This Koji system uses Fedora FAS2 certificates, so any person with access to the Fedora primary architecture Koji system has access to the Fedora-ARM Koji system as well.

A web interface is provided for viewing the system status, accessing built packages, and controlling tasks at http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org


Please contact Chris Tyler, or use the category link below to explore.