FedoraARM Secondary Architecture/Patch procedure

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This is a draft only!
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on this information.

Procedure for applying arch-specific patches:

  1. Check out the Fedora package sources using fedora-cvs (from fedora-packager): fedora-cvs packagename
  2. Change to the current distribution version: cd packagename/F-13
  3. Bump the release number: rpmdev-bumpspec -c "Modified to build on ARM" *.spec
  4. Apply changes to the specfile (and other as required)
  5. Make a SRPM: make srpm
  6. Link the SRPM on the wiki page.
  7. Test the SRPM on ARM: koji --server https://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org/kojihub/ build --scratch dist-f13 *.src.rpm
  8. Test the SRPM on the primary arches: koji build --scratch dist-f13-updates *.src.rpm
  9. If the tests are unsuccessful, fix the problem and re-test (step 3).
  10. If the devel and F-13 versions are different, change to the devel directory and repeat the patching process. Test again.
  11. Mark the test results on the wiki page.
  12. Create a patch from the parent of the F-13 and devel directories: cvs diff -uN >packagename-arm.patch
  13. Create a bugzilla entry with the title: "packagename: ARM arch support". Attach the patch.
  14. Enter the bugzilla number on the wiki page.
  15. Watch the bug and record the resolution on the wiki page if closed by the maintainer, or have an arch maintainer apply the patch if the maintainer is unresponsive.