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NexJ Model Server Express is an open source Java EE-based execution server specialized to enterprise integration applications. It provides services for deploying highly scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed enterprise solutions. NexJ Model Server Express provides:

  • Business Object Engine - supports a single-inheritance class structure as well as aspects to provide specific application characteristics
  • Workflow Engine - persistent, long-running asynchronous UML activities that are initiated by and act on business class instances
  • Persistence Engine - connect your model to multiple data sources (relational, XML file) in a database-independent way. Connect to multiple data sources at runtime leveraging different database adapters
  • Integration Engine - model message-based communication between the running model and other systems. The engine supports multiple protocols and message formats
  • Security Engine - design a privilege-based security model and apply it throughout the other model layers

NexJ's approach to model-driven engineering (MDE), support by the model-execution capabilities of NexJ Model Server Express, greatly simplifies the process of developing enterprise applications. Using NexJ Express Studio, developers focus on solving the business problems while the NexJ Framework handles technical complexities of running that solution.

Industry Partnership
Seneca CDOT in partnership with NexJ Systems (a leading provider of enterprise private cloud software, delivering enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to the financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries) work to both add and enhance existing functionality to NexJ Express. NexJ Express is part of Open Health Tools(OHT) serving as the Application Intergration Platfrom(AIP)


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