Phonegap Healthcare Adapter Plugin Implementation

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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

NexJ Medical Peripheral Mobile Adapter Will be designed to enable NexJ's Mobile Healthcare solutions to interact with Bluetooth peripherals.

Project Design


A project layout needs to be constructed to address the following problems:

  • Each mobile platform of Apache Cordova requires its own native implementation of the Cordova library in addition to its own version of the Cordova javascript library.
  • Every mobile platform integrated will share a common HTML5 application.

Folder Layout

-- Project Root --

|-- cordova
|-- android
\-- cordova-2.0.0.js
\-- ios
\-- cordova-2.0.0.js
|-- www
|-- index.html
|-- js
|-- css
\-- img
|-- ios
|-- cordova
\-- Native library files
|-- DevicePlugin
\-- Native implementation files
\-- DevicePlugin.xcodeproj
\-- android
|-- .project
|-- libs
\-- Native library files
\-- src
\-- Native implementation files


  • cordova subfolder under root contains the different Cordova library files required.
  • www subfolder under root contains the shared HTML5 application for all mobile platforms to utilize.
  • Each mobile platform will have its own project directory to contain any native requirements.
  • Each mobile platform must link to its respective Cordova Javascript library and link to the shared HTML5 application.