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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

Continuous Integration Project - Hudson

Hudson Resources

Interview with kosuke
Hudson demo

Steps to how to use Hudson

1- Installation
Installation on Windows
Hudson became self executable[1]
Video Kosuke With slides @
To change the port from 8080 to e.g.8081 (https) -> java -jar hudson.war -httpPort=8081
2- Plugins
Mercurial Plugin
Eclipse Plugin
How to Install plugins
Good plugin installation
3- Start a Job
Building Project
How to use post build scripts with Hudson using regex in log text[2]
4- Authorizing Hudson
Security configurations
While trying to configure users' roles using security matrix, and starting Hudson with this command:
$ java -jar hudson.war --argumentsRealm.passwd.user=password --argumentsRealm.roles.user=adminlogin even as admin was unsuccessful. So, I deleted the config file in Hudson directory and restarted the service and the system again.
Problem fixed!
In configure part, follow these steps: 1- Check "enable security". 2- check "Hudson's own user database" "Allow users to sign up" (Then save and add some users in sign up page.) 3- Check "Matrix-based security", then add those users and give specific permissions to each of them and also to "Anonymous" user.
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